The unwanted part of our personality - the shadow...

published7 months ago
1 min read

One way or another, as we grow and change, we inevitably get through some period of time when we have to deal with our roaring insecurities inside us.

Heck, I have not written a newsletter for some time now because I had to do some shadow work too, for the past 2 months now!

Crazy, right? Every time you think you figured some things out, you find out that different challenges are waiting for you, a different topic, on a different level, etc. And then you work with your shadow, you tame it a little bit and move on and become even more potent and then new challenges appear, and the shadow is still there.

Sometimes these roaring insecurities are louder, sometimes not so much, but still, they linger somewhere in the back of our minds.

For example, when we see an entrepreneur who earns more significant amounts of money, we can easily ask what the F are we doing wrong and what do they have that we lack for this kind of success?! Jealousy is one sign of this shadow part...

Or maybe sometimes we self-sabotage ourselves: we tell ourselves that we are not worthy, no one will want to work with us, hire us, etc., and then we simply stop, although we had an excellent idea, but it all seems like garbage right now...

Or something breaks in your house or equipment, you get into a fight, or you get sick...

And it can come in many other forms, this self-doubt, shadow work.

Just accept your shadow. Embrace it. Love it.

If we wait for the right mood and right vibes and the right amount of energy, the right time and then get to action...

Trust me: I have been there and done that: you will wait forever and just stagnate.

So get out there and do what you can: with small steps, by loving your shadow, even if it hurts...

Take a rest, take a nap, recuperate, heal and then do at least a small task.

What do you have to lose if you do this?



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