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published8 months ago
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Hello Beautiful Soul!

How are you today?

So Woman’s Day is over and International Day of Man was also this week!

What if instead of looking at the calendar and waiting for the chance to celebrate, we’d just take the time and celebrate and honour ourselves every day?

This is what I talked about in an interview for the local radio a week ago when they asked me to talk about what it means to be a woman for me:

To take the time every day for ourselves: for the activities that energise us and celebrate ourselves, the fact that we are alive and unique!

Whatever that activity might be for you: when you feel alive and full of energy afterwards, just do it.

Take 5 minutes for YOU every day.

Soon you will discover that there is enough time for 10, 15 minutes, maybe even an hour for your hobbies, for rest.

I strongly encourage you to make time for YOU in your calendar before burnout or an illness knocks on your door.

I have been there, and it is not pleasant!

After all: what good can you do for the world if you are tired, frustrated and sick?

I wish you a wonderful week and sending you lots of love!


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